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Helping people hear better for generations.

About Mt. Vernon Hearing Aids

Mt. Vernon Hearing Aids has served the local community in Mt. Vernon, Ohio, since 1958. We are longtime residents of the Mansfield-Mt. Vernon area ourselves, and it's important to us that we give our friends and neighbors the highest quality of service and healthcare.

Board-certified hearing instrument specialist Roger Perri has led Mt. Vernon Hearing Aids since 2001. He's the second generation in his family to work in the field of hearing. He got his start alongside his father, who is still active in the industry today. Roger's approach to hearing healthcare reflects the values he learned from his family: compassion, honesty, and the importance of living by the golden rule.

Roger Perri

Prior to Mt. Vernon Hearing Aids, Roger gained experience in his family's practice and in a number of his own private practices over the years. He has always been driven by a desire to do the right thing and to help people. He graduated with a degree in psychology, which has given him a deep insight into people and how to relate to others. That helps him every single day at work. He wants to make a real difference in people's lives, and the best way to do that is to truly understand what his patients need and who they are.

Roger feels like he learns just as much from his patients as they learn from him. Between his academic interests, his professional experience, and his wildly varied hobbies, he can talk to pretty much anyone about anything — hiking, biking, photography, boating, astrophysics, and more. He's been all over the world, bringing back a down-to-earth perspective that is reflected in how he treats his patients.

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