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Affordable hearing aids, personalized for you.

Treating Hearing Loss with Hearing Aids

Every hearing loss is unique, and you deserve to be cared for by someone who takes the time to understand your hearing needs. When you come to Mt. Vernon Hearing Aids, you can be confident that you'll be treated with respect and that we will truly take care of you.

Hearing aids at Mt. Vernon Hearing Aids

We carry the highest quality hearing aids, and we have the skill and experience to know which hearing devices would be right for you.

Hearing Aid Brands

Mt. Vernon Hearing Aids works with all the major hearing device manufacturers — notably Oticon, ReSound, Signia, Starkey, Rexton, and Phonak, among others. We're able to repair any make or model of hearing aid as well. This gives us a great range to choose from when considering what devices would be right for you. We focus on hearing aid companies that produce very high-quality products, and we only fit patients with hearing aids from companies we trust.

EarQ at Mt. Vernon Hearing Aids Oticon at Mt. Vernon Hearing Aids ReSound at Mt. Vernon Hearing Aids Signia at Mt. Vernon Hearing Aids Starkey at Mt. Vernon Hearing Aids Phonak at Mt. Vernon Hearing Aids

These companies tend to do extensive research before coming out with new products. This results in reliable products that work well for our patients. No one company is the best in all ways. Instead, different companies have different strengths. Depending on your particular needs, we may be inclined to recommend one hearing aid manufacturer over another (for example, if you have especially profound hearing loss or you want the smallest hearing aid possible).

The Right Hearing Aids

Finding the right hearing aid is a process. We have to get to know you so we understand what you need out of a hearing aid. That's why we ask so many questions when you first come to see us, even before we start the hearing evaluation. Selecting a hearing aid requires more than understanding the specific nature of your hearing loss; it's also about what kind of listening environments you spend time in.

  • Lifestyle. Do you spend a lot of time relaxing at home, or are you working and often on-the-go? Do you work or live in a rugged environment where delicate hearing aids might be a problem?
  • Ear size and shape. What kind of hearing aid will fit your individual anatomy? Do you have an especially narrow ear canal?
  • Physical ability. How good is your dexterity? Do you have arthritis? Can you comfortably change the batteries or insert delicate hearing aids into your ears?
  • Budget. What's the right balance between what you need and what you can afford? How can we help make hearing aids affordable for you?
  • Speech understanding. How clearly can you understand what's said to you? Do you need better speech understanding in conversations?
  • Technology Preference. Do you value the latest technology? Do you want your hearing aids to be able to connect directly to your phone or TV? Or do you prefer to keep things simple?

Your Certified Hearing Instrument Specialist

With the cheap over-the-counter devices sold online or in big retail stores, you get what you pay for. You might save a little money up front, but there's just no comparison — properly fitted, professional-quality hearing aids will help you hear better and feel better, and they'll last much longer.

Today’s hearing aids are far more than just amplifiers to turn the volume up. They're incredibly sophisticated, high-tech hearing instruments with the power to recognize human speech and help people with hearing loss. It takes someone patient and experienced to program them to match the specifics of your hearing needs.

When you buy hearing aids from an established practice like Mt. Vernon Hearing Aids, you get more than just the hearing devices. You also get our expertise and support for as long as you have the hearing aids. We take the time to program them especially for you, and we check in regularly to make sure you're still having a good experience. We can make adjustments if your hearing changes. We answer all your questions and educate you so you can safely and comfortably take charge of your own hearing decisions. We're here to help any way we can.

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