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Mt. Vernon Hearing Aids

When it comes to your hearing, you deserve the best possible treatment from someone who genuinely cares about your well-being. At Mt. Vernon Hearing Aids, your health and happiness are our top priority. We are in the hearing healthcare field because we love to see the incredible impact hearing aids have on our patient’s lives. Don’t miss any more moments—we can help you regain your quality of life too.

Hearing aids are an investment in your quality of life, and we want you to be confident that you're making the right choice. We don't just sell hearing aids; we fit you with devices that are personalized for your unique hearing needs, and we support you throughout your entire hearing journey. We'll never rush you through your appointment, and we work hard to figure out what hearing aids would best suit your hearing loss. You can count on us to get it right the first time.

EarQ Experience Event (WSA)

WSA presentation event photo

At Mount Vernon Hearing Aids, we believe it is important to continue to educate ourselves about the hearing health industry and best practices as your hearing provider. We were excited to travel to Nashville, TN to participate in the WSA-EarQ Experience Event to learn about the latest in hearing technology, specifically by two of our manufacturers Widex and Signia. We also learned important information on best practices on consistently connecting with you as our patient. We will continue to attend events like this to make sure we remain knowledgeable and always provide you with the best form of care!

Schedule an appointment today to learn more about the exciting new Widex and Signia products, and about how they can improve your hearing health and wellness!

Why Mt. Vernon Hearing Aids?

  • Outstanding levels of service. We treat all patients like members of our own family. We listen to what you need, and we take the time to treat you right.
  • An honest, caring attitude. Our priority isn't making a sale. We truly want to help people like you lead more fulfilling, more connected lives.
  • Quality hearing aids. We carry the best hearing aids in the industry at affordable prices. You won't find cheap over-the-counter amplifiers here. Our hearing devices will work for you for years.
  • Extensive expertise. We do more than simply program hearing aids; we understand the anatomy of the ear as well as the science of hearing, which allows us to give you a better, more personalized fit.
  • Discounted prices. We offer the same quality of hearing aids at lower prices than our competition.
  • Customer satisfaction. Many of our patients come to see us year after year, and they refer their friends and family to us because they're so happy with how well we care for them. Trust your hearing to Mt. Vernon and you'll know you're in good hands.
  • Excellent reputation built over years. We've been in business in the area since 2001, and over that time we've gained the trust of our local community because they know we'll do right by them.
  • Counseling and education. We help every patient understand how their hearing aids work and what they need to know to get the best experience from their hearing aids.

Your First Hearing Appointment

  • Our office has a warm, friendly atmosphere that feels like home. We will put you at ease and offer you water or coffee when you first arrive in our reception area.
  • When it's time for your appointment, we'll bring you back to our testing area and our hearing instrument specialist will talk to you about what's brought you to come see us. We like to get to know you and gain a complete understanding of your hearing situation. You will always have the opportunity to ask questions, at the beginning of your appointment, during the testing process, and while we're going over your results. We want you to feel included and educated on your own hearing health.
  • Our office is equipped with technology that allows us to examine your ears thoroughly and test both your hearing and your speech comprehension. We'll run through a series of evaluations that are painless and easy. We'll be able to tell if you have ear wax or something else that is causing hearing loss, and we'll get a full understanding of what sounds you've been having difficulty with. We also simulate some of the sounds you come across in everyday life, such as the television.
  • After we've completed the testing, we'll go over your results and explain what we've learned about your hearing. We can then program demo hearing aids so you can see for yourself how they feel and sound. Often, the difference is immediately obvious as soon as you put the hearing aids on. We also recommend having a friend or spouse with you so you can try out the demo hearing aids listening to a familiar voice. This first-hand experience helps you figure out if hearing aids are right for you.
  • If you decide to purchase hearing aids, we'll put in an order for you right away. Then we'll bring you back in to fit you with your own hearing aids. For the first month that you have new hearing aids, we ask you to come in at least 2-4 times so we can check how well your hearing aids are working for you and make any adjustments based on your experience those first few weeks.
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